Pain Relief Therapies: Understanding Which Ones Work

Making painkillers is a multi-billion dollar industry. It is because our lifestyles have created a dependence on popping a pill for any health issue that can and should be healed permanently. People often commit the error of considering pain the actual illness instead of a symptom of an illness. Today, as we live in an age of sedentary lifestyle, we are getting programmed to now suppress the symptoms of pain, instead of spending time and effort to attempttreating the real condition from the scratch.

We often pop a headache pill at the first sign of a headache, and consider it normal to have health issues as we reach our forties and fifties instead of resolving our lifestyle issues that are the deeper cause of the aches, pains and more. Personally I think that if we could physically see the actual damage we are doing to our “insides” when we take wrong health and lifestyle decisions, we would probably really give it all a thought. The focus should be on addressing the root of the problem.

Pain management is something extremely complex. Algiatry is the branch of medical science which employs a trans-disciplinary approach for easing the suffering and improving the quality of life of those living with pain. Truth is that for managing long-term chronic pain, coordinated efforts of different medical practitioners are required.

What is worse is that along with a legitimate medical industry to address these issues in the short and long term, an “alternative medicine” industry has also mushroomed that sells products cleverly wrapped in pseudoscience. This is the rise why the anti-vaccination movement has become so strong – because of misconceptions about the science behind these phenq concepts.

While “alternative medicines” are not reliable, there certainly are some alternative therapies which actually work. Of course, there are some which don’t work. You need to separate the grain from the chaff so that you do not get duped if you face a health and lifestyle issue, or have to recommend a therapy to a friend


There is an extremely funny (and satirical) quote about homeopathy. “If homeopathy is real, then dumping Osama bin Laden’s corpse in the ocean has just cured the world of terrorism.” It’s a biting take on the concept of homeopathy, i.e. diluting something in water repeatedly, and then assuming it will work. Homeopathy has never been scientifically peer-reviewed, and blind-tests have not been successful in proving its efficacy.  Those white pills you see being sold are literally sugar-coated pills with no real efficacy. In fact, a world-renowned skeptic intentionally overdosed himself on homeopathy pills to prove that they have no effect whatsoever.

Cold Laser Therapy

The laser goes through the superficial layer of the skin to activate the body’s cells. Don’t worry, the effects are not like the sharp lasers used for etching and cutting glass, but resemble the way sunlight affects plants during photosynthesis. Therefore, there is no heating or damage at the tissue level with low level laser therapy. Your cells are stimulated to grow, and become more absorbent of calcium. A positive side testogen effect of the therapy is the release of endorphins and serotonin, your body’s natural “happy chemicals”. Simultaneously, your immune system also becomes stronger as lymphocyte activity increases. All these benefits are evident within a few weeks of attending laser therapy sessions.