How To Stop Worrying And Begin Living Again!

Worrying is something that is part of human nature and it can be a very useful tool when used correctly. It helps us to remember how important certain tasks can be as well as motivating us to take care of things. But it can also be a terrible problem that takes over our lives, especially when we start to doubt our own capabilities to solve problems. Chronic worrying can sap all of our energy and millions of individuals are worrying about things that they have no control over on a constant basis. The good news is that this can be dealt with and it needn’t take over our lives. If you are a born worrier and would like a few tips that could help you to remove a sizeable chunk of this annoying feature from your life, please read on.

Create a Worry Period

Okay, this may sound a tad odd, but if you are a chronic worrier and are finding it hard to be productive throughout the day, you may as well meet the problem head on. So why not set yourself a particular time in the day that allows you to worry without any distractions? Try to do this in the late afternoon and keep the rest of the day for more important activities. If you start worrying at any other time of the day, simply write the issue onto a piece of paper and postpone it until your worry period kicks in later on. Use this worry period to go through your list of problems and you will start to free up valuable time during the day and evening.

Can You Solve These Worries?

Amazingly, whilst you are worrying, research does suggest that you are less anxious during this time. But you also need to establish whether or not these worries are solvable. Many worries are based on ‘what-if’ scenarios, and as such, you can’t really fix them. Try to categorise your worried in an organised manner and split them into the ones that are solvable and the ones that are not.

Dealing with The Solvable Worries

Start taking action immediately with the worries that are real and tick them off as soon as they are completed. If you have any forthcoming beach house plans, for example, deal with these sooner rather than later and move on with the next one on your list. By removing the real issues, you can them try to come to terms with the ones you have no real control over.

Accept Uncertainty

If you tend to stress over issues that have not even materialised, you are probably somebody who hates uncertainty. Never focus on worst case scenarios and try to remember that these will almost certainly never even happen. Try to hope for the best and prepare for the worst, by figuring out an escape plan, you are starting to remove the doubt that exists. Challenge your anxious thoughts and discard them as you start to realise that they are based on ‘what-if’ scenarios. Eventually, you should start to see that you can only really deal with certainty and you will begin to live a more enjoyable life – Good Luck!