Eating Right When There is No Time

Eating right is especially important when you are busy, as it gives you the energy you need to keep going.

Eating right when you are on the go becomes easier the more you do it.

Eating right is difficult to do even under calm and normal circumstances, but when the activity ramps up it can feel near impossible. When your kids athletic events run late after you have worked all day, or you have been on the move getting things done since you woke up reaching for the simple junk food is so much easier than actually putting forth the effort to make a meal.

But, while that junk food may make things easier at the moment, it will just make it worse later when you have no energy because you just ate something lacking any of the nutrients you need to keep going.

Here are some ideas to get a meal fast and keep healthy.

Eating Right Quickly With Meal Replacement Bars or Shakes

When you are running out the door because you overslept or the morning just has not been going like you had planned, don’t reach for the first edible thing you can find. Instead, plan ahead for morning’s like these and have a stash of meal replacement bars and/or shakes ready to go. That way you will still be able to get out the door fast, but you don’t miss out on getting a healthy breakfast.

Meal replacement bars and shakes are also great if you have to run errands on your lunch break and don’t have time to eat a good lunch.

Eating Right by Mixing the Junk Food with the Healthy Food

Unlike the professionals that preach healthy eating, I know that avoiding fast food joints when you are busy is just not something all of us are able to do realistically. However, we all have the ability to be able to make better choices when we are ordering our fast food.

So instead of ordering that super value meal that will save you money but add fat to your butt, create your value meal. Have that hamburger you are craving, but replace those fries with a side salad. Skip the soda completely and go with a bottle of water or an unsweetened ice tea.

Eating Right through Better Choices

Okay, you stop at the grocery store on your way home and you need to pick up something fast for the family to eat for dinner. Your usual is fried chicken and potato wedges from the deli; it’s fast, it’s easy, and you are in and out in no time.

Fried food accompanied with fried food? There has to be a better choice of food available to you than that in the grocery store. They make money by offering you a wide selection of food choices, right?

Try this instead, replace the fried chicken with baked. Most grocery stores give you the option of both, and you already know which one is better for you. Even if you still accompany them with the potato wedges, you have at least eliminated one of the fried foods.

To make it even healthier, grab a bag of salad mix out of the produce department in place of the potato wedges. The salad requires no prepping other than opening the bag, and most likely you already have salad dressing at home.

What eating right replacements do you fall back on when you are in a hurry that you can share to give everyone else ideas for the next time they get in a rush?